1. Nikola Romcevic


  2. About

    I am a webdeveloper from the south of Sweden, pulling my weight to make the web a more enjoyable place.

    I've always been interested in building websites, usually it was just for fun but occasionally I got the opportunity to build websites for friends' businesses.

    After a couple of years studying physics I realized what I really want to do is to work with websites.


    • Web programing, Linnéuniversitetet (2010-2012)

      Since I only had experience in using HTML and CSS I decided to get an education in web programing. At LNU I got to improve my existing skills and I also got to learn alot of other useful stuff like JavaScript and jQuery, PHP, SQL, C# and some ASP.NET.

    Personal notes

    Born in Belgrade, Serbia, but raised in Malmö, Sweden. Fluent in swedish, english and serbian and I also have some knowledge in danish and german.

    When not infront of a computer I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee with my fiancé or friends, going to the gym and playing video games.

    I have a pet cat, Wilma. She is on a diet.

  3. Work / Projects

    La Barca Restaurang

    A simple, responsive, onepage website for La Barca-restaurant in Malmö, Sweden.

    For this project I created a CMS so that the client can change which dishes should be displayed on the website using Drag-and-Drop technique.

    Built on the Codeigniter framwork.

    Techniques used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

    CS Allservice AB

    Website redesign for CS Allservice AB, a Malmö-based company working with cleaning, renovation and moving.

    Techniques used: HTML, CSS, jQuery.

    WeatherApp - School project

    An AJAX-based weather application created as a school project. The application gets its weatherdata in XML from the free API provided by YR.no, the norweigan weather site. It also uses the GoeNames-API to locate city information.

    (Not available at the moment)

    Techniques used: HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP.